Maintenance Services and Home Warrenty Programs

Home Warrenty Services

At Paradigm we strongly urge our clients to participate in a Home Warranty program as a stand alone maintenance plan or combined with Paradigm's Maintenance Service program. Home Warranty programs can save a property owner thousands of dollars on service calls and large system and appliance repairs and replacement.    

There are many Home Warranty programs out there, Paradigm has worked with many different companies. With our experience dealing with different programs we refer all of our customers to American Home Shield. 

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Fee Structure

Maintenance Services

At Paradigm we are staffed with an experienced general maintenance team. Most upkeep and general maintenance needs will be performed by our employees. This benefits the owner in two ways: first, you will have a sense of security that the job is being done right and second, you will save more money. Say the outside light on your property stops working (and your tenant has already tried replacing the bulb) if we would have to call an electrical contractor to come out and fix the problem it will cost you on an average of $120 just for them to walk through the door. That does not include the cost to fix the actual problem. With Paradigm it will only cost you on average of $50, and you will know you are getting the best service available. 

  • Wall and Ceiling Repair
  • Full-Service Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning or Replacement/ Repair
  • Handyman Service
  • Vinyl and Ceramic Installation/ Repair
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Minor Pluming
  • Minor to Moderate Electrical
  • Filter Replacement
  • Help with Small to Midsize Projects 
  • And Much More